Dr. Glickman has terrific insights into human motivation and behavior, and she uses these insights to help all of us function more effectively within
a complex organization. She has provided us with effective practical solutions that have positively impacted our company's transformation and growth."

Susan Molineaux, Ph.D.
President & CEO,
Calithera BioSciences


Biotech/Pharma/Medical Devices

EiG serves emerging biotech and pharma companies experiencing change. Our team provides human capital expertise in successfully navigating a pathway that increases value. We are experts in working with senior management as well as working with scientists on developing better leadership and management skills. Some recent examples of our clients are as follows:

Founded in 2007 by John B. Simpson, PhD, MD, Avinger, Inc. (http:// www.avinger.com) is developing the next generation of catheter-based technologies for the treatment of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease utilizing core competencies in medical device catheter engineering and intravascular imaging.

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CalitheraThe primary mission of Calithera Biosciences is to develop novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and other proliferative diseases by targeting the dysregulated metabolic pathways of cancer cells. http://www.calithera.com

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TakedaNovartis has a diverse healthcare portfolio, including innovative pharmaceuticals, eye care products, generics, consumer health products, and vaccines and diagnostic tools. http://www.novartis.com

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Takeda San Francisco - Center for Excellence in Therapeutic Antibody Research

Takeda San Francisco, Inc.(TSF) is Takeda's global center for excellence for biologics. TSF was established in November 2007 and supports Takeda's therapeutic antibody research through our antibody technology platform. This platform is based on discovery, optimization and development technologies used to efficiently generate Investigational New Drug (IND) candidates for the treatment of cancer, inflammatory and metabolic diseases. http://takedacalifornia.com

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NovaBayNovaBay is focused on developing innovative product candidates targeting the treatment or prevention of a wide range of infections in hospital and community environments. Many of these infections have become increasingly difficult to treat because of the rapid increase in infectious microbes that have become resistant to current drugs. Our in vitro and in vivo tests have demonstrated that our compounds kill a wide range of bacteria, viruses and other infection causing microbes, including those that are resistant to multiple antibiotics. We are developing hospital indications ourselves and have partnered certain other indications with Alcon, the world's leading eye care company, and with Galderma S.A., a global leading pharmaceutical company dedicated exclusively to the field of dermatology. http://www.novabapharma.com

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ProteolixSouth San Francisco, California USA Proteolix, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering, developing and marketing pharmaceutical products that target certain cancers by inhibiting the proteasome and thereby disrupting protein turnover in cells, particularly cancer cells, which leads to cell death. Proteolix is developing next generation proteasome inhibitors, including an oral proteasome inhibitor and a selective immunoproteasome inhibitor, to expand the therapeutic potential of this new target class. Acquired by Onyx Pharmaceuticals

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ProactaSan Diego, California USA Proacta is focused on the treatment of tumors by exploiting their abnormally low concentrations of oxygen (hypoxia). Hypoxia is present in the majority of solid tumors and makes treatment with conventional chemotherapy and radiation less likely to succeed.

Proacta's drugs are delivered as innocuous compounds that are selectively activated in hypoxic regions of tumors. This can result in killing not only the hypoxic cells but also the surrounding tumor cells which have more normal levels of oxygen. http://www.proacta.com

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