EiG and Mike Ryan has served as a senior level advisors to our medical software company. Notwithstanding their extensive knowledge and network in the healthcare industry, Michael demonstrates the ability to connect high-level strategic concepts with their low-level tactical implementation conterparts. This ability can only come from result-driven experience.”

Daniel Shields , Managing Director

Technology EFI Group, Inc., Los Angeles, Califronia


Hagit GlickmanHAGIT GLICKMAN, Ph.D., CEO
A nationally recognized innovative thinker, CEO advisor, and successful executive, Dr. Glickman's primary focus is on assisting venture capital backed biotech, technology and healthcare related companies in effectively managing change as it relates to human capital needs.

Her expertise is in collaborating with investors, boards, CEOs and senior management teams in identifying critical organizational issues and implementing pathways that lead to success and increase the company's value. As a trained psychologist and experienced diagnostician and previous CEO, Dr. Glickman brings decades of hands on insight, knowledge, and humanistic expertise in getting results for clients that are experiencing change in their organization and cultures.

Dr. Glickman has served as chief executive officer for five emerging companies during her career, and has consulted and worked with numerous startups and established organizations. Dr. Glickman was featured in Inc. Magazine's September 2000 cover story "A Network of Her Own" which highlighted her business achievements, entrepreneur skills and creating of networks in the technology world. She founded and served as CEO of MyPsych.com, which was one of the first companies accepted into the internationally acclaimed "Women's Technology Cluster" in Silicon Valley. MyPsych.com was created by Dr. Glickman to serve patients and clinical providers with an interactive online clinical support web portal. Her innovation and leadership has been recognized in Forbes ASAP, Salon.com, U.S. News & World Report, CNNfn, and Inc., magazines. As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Glickman brings unique insights into serving EiG business clients.

For many years, she has been serving as a consultant to business leaders, CEOs and behavioral health practitioners regarding the intricacies of start-ups, sharing her "hands on" entrepreneur expertise to assist individuals and companies in defining and achieving personal and professional success. Dr. Glickman focuses on managing the “human” aspect of company and individual challenges to achieve winning and innovative solutions. Clinically, Dr. Glickman is the founder of a free-standing clinic which is focused on conducting complex psychological evaluations as well as training the next generation of psychologists to conduct these evaluations.

In addition, she has served as an expert witness in trauma, child abuse and custody cases. She holds a degree from University of California - Irvine in Psychology. She also holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology.

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I have hired Hagit as a facilitator in my biotech companies several times-- always in tough, high stakes situations. She is a brilliant facilitator/negotiator. Along the way, she manages to teach people how to listen, communicate, and empower themselves for the good of the mission. She has made possible win-win outcomes in the most unlikely of circumstances.”

Dawn McGuire, MD