It’s my honor to have had an opportunity to work with Hagit and she was always creative, resourceful and energetic. With her advice and recommendations, I have dramatically improved my communication and management skills; more importantly, we were able to build up a very efficient and productive research team at Proteolix and have discovered multiple development candidates in a short period” 

Han-Jie Zhou, Ph.D.

Client Success Stories

Cross Cultural


A large international company was developing a site in the Bay Area and found that they were running into cross cultural issues in terms of management communication with the team as well as with the US stakeholders in general.  The style they had used in their country was not successful in communicating with the American population they were interacting with and it was negatively impacting their ability to succeed.


EiG worked with the Senior Management team as well as the stakeholders in the originating country to assist in smooth communication The goal was to encourage the American based staff to be successful in ways that they found encouraging while maintaining the high expectations of the parent company. This involved teaching the senior managers how to better understand the subtleties of communicating in American English as well as educating the American staff of the intention of the parent company on their communications. After much coaching and education, the two parts of the organization were better able to work together as a team and work toward the same conclusions – the success of the organization.

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