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What We Do?

What We Do

EIG assists companies with the intricacies of developing and managing strategy, business development and the "human" part of starting and growing companies successfully.

Executive Coaching

We provide "hands on" executive coaching to CEO's and senior management teams. Our approach is to serve as “trusted advisors” to you and your company leaders by understanding your business, assessing your team and guiding for success.

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Strategy & Business Development

EIG's advisors have expertise and experience in strategy and business development for growth companies, Fortune 500 corporations and organizations globally. We collaborate with our clients in developing overall corporate strategy, identifying key approaches and implementing for positive results and impact.

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Organizational Transformation

EIG provides guidance to board of directors, CEOs and leadership in developing and implementing change within companies. We collaborate and provide the processes and tools to plan, implement and effectively manage organizational change.

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Board Management

The EIG team has more than 30 years of board of directors experience, insights and expertise. We provide board directors and CEOs with guidance, assessment and assistance in developing effective boards and board performance. Our team actively serves on boards as independent directors to improve governance and shareholder value.

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Startup Solutions

EiG provides founders, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with a full range of startup services and solutions including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Human capital
  • Operational systems
  • Governance

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EiG Network

EiG's team has developed a global network of technical experts, business developers, connectors, "C-level" executives and advisors. We provide our clients with the following deliverables:

  • Access to EiG's senior leadership team by face-2-face,
    e-mail and telephone
  • Access to EiG's global network
  • Expertise in strategy, leadership guidance, and business development


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EIG assists companies with the intricacies of developing and managing the strategy, technology and the "human" part of starting and growing companies.

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